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Freitag, 4. August 2017

Farewell to Governance?

A blog comment argues with a particular focus on the negative impact of governance in the sense of "more bureaucracy & compliance".

Governance should not be seen as a top down one way initiative (often suggested by the governance notion) but a combination of bottom-up and top down when it comes to implementation: finally it's the ability of an orchestration of all stakeholders of an IG program to achieve the expected results.
Governance has to do with legitimacy (democracy) by continuous negotiation and open communication btw the roles which are involved.

see MATRIO methodology

Samstag, 13. Mai 2017

Wo sind meine Daten? Weshalb Information Governance? - Netzwoche Artikel

Die Bedeutung der Information Governance kann man nicht genug kommunizieren. Anbei ein aktueller Artikel von Bruno Wildhaber aus der Netzwoche Nr. 8 / 2017 mit den wichtigsten Argumenten. - See more at:

Montag, 5. September 2016

KRM "Information Governance" guidance available in english

How to regain control over your information.
The practiacal guidance is now available as eBook on Amazon

see KRM Website:

direct link:

Montag, 28. März 2016

Jason Baron about information governance (videos)

Jason R. Baron is Of Counsel to the Information Governance and eDiscovery Group at Drinker Biddle Reath LLP in Washington D.C. and co-chair of the Information Governance Initiative (IGI).
He served 13 years as the first appointed Director of Litigation at the U.S. National Archives; prior to that was a trial attorney and senior counsel at the U.S. Department of Justice, serving as counsel of record in lawsuits involving the preservation of White House email. He was named an eDiscovery “trailblazer” by The American Lawyer in its 2013 issue “The Top 50 Big Law Innovators of the Past 50 Years.”

Videos on Youtube:
Search or IG:

talking to Thomson Reuters:

Trailer 2015: A decade of e-Discovery (film)

see comment: in german (Filmkritik)

Montag, 4. Januar 2016

Confusing information governance ? (AIIM, IGI)

Information Governance is one of the most misunderstood terms in the business of information management. It's NOT just a fancy replacement for Records Management. Use these best practice resources to learn how to manage ALL types of information, not just records. And transform your information into assets and insights for competitive advantage.

- See more at:

Information Governance is too important to be left to humans
- See more at: (members only)

go to IGI and see how IG is evolving: get the Annual Report 2015/16

Sonntag, 20. September 2015

Rezension Praxisleitfaden Information Governance

Pierre Brun (ex Records Management Berater bei PWC Schweiz) hat eine Buchbesprechung zum Leitfaden des KRM in der Zeitschrift (arbido Nr.3-2015, S.50) geschrieben:

Rezension: arbido-Rezension-Brun (pdf, 26 KB)

zum Praxis-Leitfaden Information Governance / Inhaltsverzeichnis und Bestellung: seit Juli auch als eBook erhältlich

Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015

Information governance competency domains (ARMA - DACUM chart)

Most of you know about the IGP certification
but few are aware of what the required skills and competencies are.

There is a useful chart called DACUM (....)

DACUM stands for Developing a Curriculum

"Developing a Curriculum (DACUM) is a process that incorporates the use of a focus group in a facilitated storyboarding process to capture the major duties and related tasks included in an occupation, as well as, the necessary knowledge, skills, and traits. This cost-effective method provides a quick and thorough analysis of any job"

For IGP and info governance topics:
the chart (see link below) lists all these Tasks and duties together with the related and required knowledge, skills and tools required for information governance (IG) professional.

6 IG competency domains:

direct Link to DACUM chart:

However: all this seems quite US-centric and we all know that the real life in a European environment looks different.

What matters?
Most IG initiatives just prescribe behaviour through standards, policies, roles, change control etc. this mostly fails to engage nor excite staff. instead ....
Start asking what is the data use of employees, dependencies, flows etc. which makes them invested and truly part for the governance community. When engaging with users start using data flow tools which support their business processes.

Montag, 5. Januar 2015

Information Governance issues: barriers & pitfalls

During November / December 2014 I gave two presentations (german & english) why Information governance is so hard to implement, why it does hardly work and why the top down only approach is no solution.

german: Records Mgmt Fachtag Frankfurt M. : 25. Nov. 2014
RMFT-20141125-ge (pdf, 2,053 KB)

english: ARMA annual conference of the Swiss Chapter 5. Dec. 2014
Preso-ARMA-CH-Dez-15 (pdf, 2,748 KB)

In the meantime AIIM has published its paper:
It's not information governance, it's information opportunity (...)

There you may find numerous arguments why IG is lurching from crisis to crisis in terms of implementation .
However the reproach that the records mgmt community has hijacked IG is purely semantics. ... part of the hidden struggle btw AIIM and ARMA. (?)

In theory Paul Strassmann has set the standards more than 10 years ago by the masterwork "Governance of information management. The concept of an information constitution" (out of print) (Wayback machine)
(why is he not cited anymore?)
... this perception is almost ignored in the actual debates.
It's all about politics ...(and corp. culture)

Therefore the KRM is coming up with a new IG methodology (MATRIO ®) derived from the Matrioschka model where given structures may be built up from the bottom combined with a top down policy making step by step (shell by shell).

see: orders & Basisinfos: german only (for the time being)

book subscription flyer

check also CGOC major IG Reference guides:
Infonomics-CGOC (pdf, 3,190 KB)
IG-Leaders-Guide (pdf, 3,257 KB)


Sonntag, 30. November 2014

Information Governance Leitfaden 2015 / Subskription

Wir leben in der Welt der Daten“über“flut. Noch nie nahm das Datenwachstum so rasant zu. Dies wird für viele Unternehmen zu einer immer grösser werdenden Herausforderung. Selbst KMUs kämpfen heute mit einer Flut von Mails, überlaufenden Servern und Datenträgern. Soziale Medien machen auch vor Unternehmen nicht halt, doch soll man deren Daten in die eigene IT integrieren? Gleichzeitig stellt sich die Frage, welche Daten noch im Unternehmen gespeichert werden müssen oder ob eine Cloud-Lösung nicht die bessere Alternative wäre.
Diese Herausforderungen werden an die Information Governance adressiert.

Das Kompetenzzentrum Records Management (KRM) wird deshalb mit einer neuen Auflage des Standardwerks : Praxisleitfaden records management
an die Oeffentlichkeit gehen (März 2015).

Interessenten können das Werk bereits heute zum Subskriptionspreis bestellen:

CHF 75.-, gültig bis am 15.2.2015, exkl. Versandkosten

Bestellungen & Basisinfos:

Flyer: IG-Flyer (pdf, 556 KB)

Leitfaden „Information Governance“
Herausgeber: Kompetenzzentrum Records Management
„The Swiss Information Governance Competence Center“
Von Bruno Wildhaber
Autoren: Daniel Burgwinkel, Jürg Hagmann, Stephan Holländer, Beat Lehmann, Peter K. Neuenschwander, Dieter Schmutz, Daniel Spichty. Mit Unterstützung von Jacques Beglinger, Christian Bläuenstein, Alexandre Mestre, Michael Rumpf und Jürg Stutz sowie Gastautoren

Sonntag, 20. April 2014

Info Governance initiative

The team around Jason Baron (ex-head of litigation at NARA) and Barclay Blair has started a lot of initiatives to foster IG on several levels.
It's the very IG thinktank currently.

an interesting article has been published in a US journal about
(Bordon / Baron)

Some need to be evangelists ...


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