Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2017

Make documents great again - Jubiläum 25 Jahre project-consult Hamburg

Gerade richtig zum G-20 Gipfel in Hamburg. viel Zoff in dieser Stadt aber auch Erfreuliches!

Make documents great again! 348 Seiten schwer …. Jubiläumsausgabe
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Kampffmeyer wird als Wissensarchäologe in die Geschichte eingehen …
S. 230 Will Information Management Still Be Boring?

Montag, 20. Juli 2015

Gouvernance d'information (Les Cahiers du Numerique) - impact of records mgmt to information governance

The French Canadian journal "Les cahiers du numerique" has issued an interesting number about the interrelations btw records management (information lifecycle mgmt) and information governance.

Apport de la gestion documentaire à la gouvernance de l’information
sous la direction de Florence Ott

my viewpoint article from the Records Mgmt journal (2013) has been translated into french, thanks to my colleague Jean-Daniel Zeller, archivist of the Geneva hospital.

Montag, 9. März 2015

Trends and Issues in Records and Information Management

Trends show positive momentum for RIM professionals, who face challenges and Big Records in 2015.

Read more:

Quantifying the business benefits of Information Governance (Cap Gemini)

Records Mgmt Journal about RIM in the context of LOD:

- Linked Data for Libraries, Archives and Museums. How to Clean, Link and Publish your Metadata

see also: John McDonald , Valerie Léveillé , (2014)
- Whither the retention schedule in the era of big data and open data?

Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

Kanton Wallis: Neuer Staatsarchivar / Kantonsarchivar ernannt

Die Ernennung von Alain Dubois zum Nachfolger von H. Ammann ist insofern interessant, als hier eine Persönlichkeit nominiert wurde, die innovativ auf die elektronische Schiene setzt mit entsprechenden Records Mgmt Konzepten und Policies.
Ein Lichtblick ...

Betr. Herausforderungen RM Kt. Wallis:
s. auch:

Es werden auch schon Records Manager gesucht:

Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2014

Records Management für den Kanton Wallis

Um der rasanten Entwicklung der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie zu begegnen hat das Walliser Staatsarchiv zwei Handbücher realisiert, welche eine Arbeitsmethode und Hilfsmittel bieten, um diese Herausforderungen mit Erfolg zu meistern.

Walliser Bote:

Link zu den Handbüchern:
- Handbuch "Records Management" für die Kantonsverwaltung:
- Handbuch zur Dokumentenverwaltung und Archivierung für die Walliser Gemeinden:

Fachartikel von Alain Dubois: RESSI (Revue electronique suisse de science de l'information)
Quelle qualité pour les archives électroniques ? Réflexions et retour d’expérience autour du processus décisionnel du Conseil d’Etat valaisan

Sonntag, 9. März 2014

Praxisleitfaden Records Management: 3rd edition

The team around B. Wildhaber is currently working on the new edition:

It will contain an extension on Information Governance and other topics.


It is planned to appear in Q1 / 2015

Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2012

Keys to RIM success (Iron Mt.)

Iron Mt. has published an interesting list of keys to records management excellence and success.
As always a RIM program is only as good as it is lived and monitored proactively

Samstag, 14. Juli 2012

B.T. Blair about changing organizational cultures ...

Can we really change something?

my comment:
Based on my over 20 years experience in the information and content mgmt business my major concern and question with Conni is also: who really cares ? – imagine a company with > 10 b revenues and without any ECM system (sic !) just eliminates a small records center (2 associates!) at its headquarter (a service built up through years) . Or another case: a data warehouse burnt down in Switzerland some years ago and as a consequence the provider only lost one customer (most clients stated that the evidence they lost was not very important or just due to disposition). Or a big ECM campaign in Germany two years ago (ECM NOW!) just created some wind without any success. What is so hard about? Sure it’s the culture but every following point also has its impacts: information handling illiteracy, misunderstandings of notions and concepts (misnomers incl. the CIO); Technology domination; Insight deficits (analytics) under big data; strategic functions fail (Forrester); C-level perceptions and finally operationalizing info governance for business value (sound metrics), and information economics (why do information assets (intangibles) not appear in any balance sheet as the fourth production factor?). … hearing the echo -> we cannot measure it, so if you can’t bill it you can kill it. (tautology)
A lot of experts and specialists are desperately searching for arguments and reasons why user adoption of ECM fails etc. (thanks to J. Lappin and S. Bailey) the reality is different we know: How to successfully sell something that nobody wants.
Finally there is no royal way to solutions, just permament advice and suggestions and we have to imagine Sisyphos as a happy person.

Montag, 16. April 2012

U. Kampffmeyer zum 60.

Lieber Ulrich Kampffmeyer.

Ich gratuliere Dir auch im Namen unserer Community hier in der Schweiz zu Deinem 60. Geburtstag! Du hast doch mit Deiner intensiven und offenen Fachkommunikation zur Entwicklung unserer Disziplinen im ganzen deutschsprachigen Raum beigetragen. Dafür sind wir dankbar.
Ad multos annos.

Die kurze Festschrift ist hier:

Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

Future of the digital workplace - Whitepaper

Infocentric Research (Baden) has published an interesting paper about the future of information and knowledge-based work practices and technologies in organizations.

More about the whitepaper

A PDF copy is free of charge.

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