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Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

Seminar Informationsmanagement - FHNW Olten

ARMA Swiss chapter in collaboration with the Universities of Applied Science in Olten (FHNW) and Chur (HTW Chur) offers the first practice oriented RIM training in Switzerland for professionals of private enterprises.
The scheduled seminar is spread over five different dates between April and June of this year. The seminar will be held in German. You will find the details

here: //

Flyer: //

Program: //

Donnerstag, 6. November 2014

ARMA Swiss Chapter Annual Conference - Dec 5, 2014 (Zurich)

The 2014 conference takes place at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft (HWZ) in Zurich (near main station), Lagerstr. 5

Friday 5th December 2014.

this year we have a special program for members only except some selected persons we have invited.

the event is sponsored by PDF Tools, Switzerland.

Morning program:
10.30 General Assembly of the chapter (members only)

12.00 Lunch

Meeting Program Afternoon
After we had to change our program on short notice, it now puts emphasis on discussions amongst ARMA members about their ongoing projects and challenges in change management within their organizations.
It provides the opportunity for a free exchange about different issues and hot topics that our members are struggling with: albeit governance, organizational aspects or technology (RIM / ECM solutions).
Beyond our colleagues below (many thanks for their spontaneous contribution), all participants are kindly requested to contribute; thus everyone profits from taking out new insights from such an interaction and open exchange of professional experience.

14.00 Welcome & Introduction
– Jürg Hagmann (President of ARMA Swiss Chapter)

14.05 PDF/A: Introduction and versions of the standard
Dr. Hans Bärfuss, PDF Tools AG

14.30 Barriers, pitfalls and fallacies in Information Governance: some lessons learned
- Jürg Hagmann (President of ARMA Swiss Chapter)

15.10 RIM program and change management aspects
– Joseph Zehnder, Elizabeth Mangold (Syngenta)

15.45 Break coffee

16.10 Challenges of the running RIM program
- Christopher Stadlin (Zurich Insurance)

16.40 Wrap-up and closing

17.00 Apero

For persons interested to become an ARMA member:


Registration: go to this link: //

Mittwoch, 2. April 2014

ARMA Swiss chapter spring meeting 2014

The spring meeting of our chapter takes place in Basel hosted by Roche.

26 May 2014, from 13.30

pls see program: //

The spring meeting is for members only; if you would like to join ARMA pls contact us:
or join: //

Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2013

ARMA Swiss Chapter - Annual conference Zurich - 15. Nov. 2013

this year our professional conference is sponsored by IBM Switzerland.

Topic: Challenges in Information Governance

We have an interesting program with a keynote from Prof. M. Kooper from Univ. Amsterdam.

In 2011 he published a well received article about Information governance which makes a clear distinction btw IT governance and information governance (still mostly confused).
see: //

As every year the afternoon conference is open to the public. Pls register here: //

Program: ARMA-Conf-2013 (pdf, 326 KB)

Freitag, 14. Dezember 2012

ARMA Swiss Chapter - Review&Outlook 2012/2013

Our best achievement this year was a membership growth of more than 40%.

see the slides: german and english
ARMA-RO-2012-german (pdf, 646 KB)
ARMA-RO-english (pdf, 645 KB)

Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

ARMA Swiss Chapter Annual Conference: Program & Registration


pls register for this year Annual Conference in Baden - it's free to the public (no fees)

Friday 9th November 2012 (13.30-17.00) + Apero

13.30 Welcome & Introduction
– Jürg Hagmann (President of ARMA Swiss Chapter)

13.35 Slots of the sponsors
– P. van Beneden (RSD)
– M.Maret (infocentricresearch)

13.55 Business value of the future workplace - Context and content
– Armand Martin (InfoCentric Baden)

14.40 Measuring RIM program success based on GARP®
– Joseph Elliott (Oyster Consulting UK)

15.20 Break coffee

15.50 Metrics for RIM Operations (Use Case Baloise)
– Patrick Jermann (Baloise Insurance, Basel)

16.30 Wrap-up and closing

17.00 Apero

registration: //

Program-Baden-2012-ARMA (pdf, 130 KB) incl. Sitemap

Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

ARMA Swiss Chapter Annual Conference: Program & Registration

ARMA Annual Conference of the Swiss Chapter

Friday November 9, 2012
Location: Baden, Spedition (conference room 1st floor) near the main station

As usual members (and those who want become a member) meet in the morning for the general assembly ; the lunch will be sponsored by RSD .

In the afternoon there is the public professional conference , sponsored by InfoCentric Research.
The public conference in the afternoon is free for everybody (no fees but registration required).

Topic: Business Value & Key Performance Indicators for Records Management Programs

detailed program see attachment: ARMA-Nov-2012 (pdf, 85 KB)

Registration: //

see also: ARMA Europe Website Events: //

and Swiss Chapter Info: //

Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

Summary of the inaugural event of the Swiss Chapter of ARMA (29.11.2011 Basel)

The child is born! ... and in a very successful way.
More than 50 participants attended the inaugural event of the Swiss Chapter of ARMA in Basel on Nov 29th.
The event had two parts: Foundation assembly and a professional conference sponsored by Oracle.
(see: //

In the pre-conference, the general assembly (23 members) approved unanimously the bylaws, the constitution of the board (president, vice-president, treasurer) incl. 2 auditors and also voted yes to a separate membership fee for the Swiss chapter in addition to the mandatory fees for ARMA International.
Gavin Siggers, director of ARMA Europe brought a warm welcome and encouraged all present members to volunteer for future activities. ARMA Europe had strongly supported and endorsed the foundation of this first official chapter in Europe. UK will hopefully follow next.
The assembly could also welcome the vice-president of the Association of Swiss Archivists (ASA), Gregor Egloff. ARMA Switzerland has prepared a Declaration_ARMA-ASA (pdf, 40 KB)with the ASA to coordinate events and gain synergies within the records management community in Switzerland.
For 2012 we have planned 3 events:
- 23rd March - Meeting hosted by a member
- Joint Meeting with ASA / working group records mgmt in June
- 9th Nov, Annual Assembly and Conference
Since last September ARMA Switzerland has gained at least 8 new members.

After the assembly the conference part started with a short presentation of the Oracle RM solution (URM) by Peter Gobonya, account manager ECM Switzerland.
The keynote was held by Chris Walker (Oracle) about the myth of unstructered information
(see his blog)
The second presentation was given by Uli Zipfel, RM Program Manager at Roche about their approach to manage unstructured content throughout the lifecycle (office, mail and sharepoint).
The presentations will be loaded on the ARMA Europe site as soon as available - //

Do also use the group ARMA Europe on LinkedIn. (registration required)

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